MTM's highly-trained staff is skilled at meeting whatever new challenges are presented by a client. Without our staff, we would be limited - unable to reach higher and better.

Mary Ann McAllister, President. MTM is a woman-owned small business. As a former nurse, Mary Ann knows something about being a customer advocate. From implementing ISO9001 and AS9100 quality procedures and processes, to overseeing every job and making sure it is delivered on time, Mary Ann is a champion for their customers. "From the time we bought our first CNC machine, Wendell and I had a vision for where they wanted to take McAllister Tool & Machine," she says. “Building relationships with the customer is about listening, learning, and sharing knowledge. Otherwise, individual parts in and of themselves are - just parts.”

Wendell McAllister, Vice President. Formerly an applications engineer for R.O. Deaderick, Wendell, along with his wife Mary Ann, started McAllister Tool & Machine as a one-man, two-machine shop. In the early days, Wendell machined parts himself, giving him a unique perspective on the company’s existing capabilities, as well as their potential in the future. “I was always thinking in terms of building a skilled team and answering some very important questions,” Wendell explains. “How can we implement processes for making parts in a more cost effective manner? How can we adapt our best practices and production techniques into processes that keep us efficient? How can we evolve our capabilities so that everyone benefits? What production challenges are the customers facing, and how can we learn and help each other?”

Adam Reed, Quality Manager. “Our policy is to ensure customer satisfaction by producing quality products that exceed customer and regulatory requirements. We are continually improving our processes, quality system, metrics, and our code of conduct to meet whatever standards the customer requires.”

Randy Payne, Operations Manager. "We have the most advanced equipment available for CNC manufacturing and we are constantly upgrading and expanding in order to provide the versatility needed for our customers. We have a team of skilled people who are not afraid to tackle new techniques and learn.

Emily Lawless, Production Coordinator. "We are constantly developing new processes and workflows that guarantee superior workmanship, but that isn't all. We deliver a product that is on time and better than expected.